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Software License Management

Profitability is as much about reducing and controlling costs as it is about revenue. Therefore it is critical that all the systems put in place to help effectively price, package, bill for, and manage product offerings not only integrate easily with each other, but are simple and easy to use for both internal and external stakeholders.

Software license and entitlement management solutions focus on helping an organization to achieve three core things:  

Centralization - Licensing touches so many aspects of an organization – from sales, and product management to IT, operations, tech support, and customer service. And each one of these functions will need access to the data in the licensing and entitlement management system. An effective entitlement management system will not only provide role-based access to data for stakeholders across the organization, but will also easily integrate with the many function-specific back-office systems that fuel businesses today.

Automation - Once a centralized place to store and access license and entitlement data has been established, it then becomes much easier to start building out automated processes to simplify time consuming manual tasks such as audit reporting, renewal reporting, product activation, and more. With the right tools and organization can easily automate many proactive marketing and sales efforts such as new feature promotion, automated renewal messages, expiration notices, and so forth.

End-User Enablement - Customer enablement is all about empowering end-users to do many of the tasks which currently bog down sales, customer service, and tech support teams. These tasks include but are not limited to compliance reporting, activation, renewals, upgrades, cancellations, and so on. By enabling customers to perform these tasks on their own you improve the end user experience while dramatically decreasing the number of basic requests coming into your various sales support functions.

With the right entitlement management tools in place access to business-critical data can be centralized and every step of the license, entitlement, and software delivery process can be easily automated in an internally transparent and end-user friendly way. Adoption of a system agnostic, flexible entitlement management solution will enable you to automate time-consuming, manual tasks, eliminate human-error, and track the status of your end-user’s entitlement and usage trends for life.

Learn more about Gemalto’s solutions for software license and entitlement management now.

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