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Secure Software Licensing

Software misuse can come in many shapes. Software piracy and illegal sharing or re-distribution of software can be malicious and with negative intentions, however misuse of an application can also be unintentional or accidental. Regardless of how it happened, any unauthorized use or redistribution of your offering costs you money. The ability to prevent software piracy and ensure license compliance can be achieved through the implementation of an effective software licensing solution.

Implementation of a software licensing solution will enable you to deny access to your applications for anyone who is not entitled to access your application. With the variety of flexibile licensing models offered with established software licensing solutions today, implementation of a software licensing solution will also give you the ability to securely offer free trials and test versions of your applications for free to increase exposure to your application. The ability to seed the market with trial versions of your application without having to worry about losing control or how to convert evaluators is just one additional benefit of software licensing.

Implementation of a secure licensing solution will enable you to:

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