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Software IP Protection

Protect your intellectual property and prevent software reverse engineering and tampering

Whether installed on a PC or embedded in high-value hardware, software applications contain the sensitive information and intellectual property (IP) that defines how an application or device functions. It is critical to the success of any software publisher that this proprietary information is safe from prying eyes, manipulation, and theft. Software pirates, competitors, and customers pose a risk to the security and ultimately the profitability of your business.

Attacks on Intellectual Property come in a variety of forms including:

  • Reverse engineering & theft of trade secrets
  • Code tampering
  • Gray market activity

In the latest BSA Global Software Piracy Study, it was stated that the global piracy rate hovered at 42%, amounting to $63.4 billion in losses due to software piracy. Evidently, software vendors need effective solutions to prevent against software tampering, reverse engineering and outright theft.

With the proper software licensing solution in place, you will be able to:

  • Deliver intellectual property protection for your embedded software applications and application data files.
  • Ensure that the algorithms, trade secrets, and professional know-how embedded in the software are secured against hackers.
  • Achieve high-level security and access-control for your entire product suite.

Protecting Intellectual Property with Sentinel

According to IDC and Frost & Sullivan, Sentinel is an intellectual property protection market leader, licensing applications worldwide since 1984. Sentinel’s secure software licensing solutions protect more than $10 billion of software revenue annually.

All Sentinel solutions employ  a secure envelope, Sentinel Envelope, to ensure that software code is safe from exposure while en-route to its end-user destination. The Sentinel Envelope is an automatic file wrapper that provides robust Intellectual Property (IP) protection against reverse engineering through file encryption, code obfuscation, and system-level anti-debugging. Sentinel Envelope creates multiple random layers of protection for each file it protects making it extremely complex and time consuming for hackers to remove.

Want to learn about the various Sentinel IP Protection solutions?

Read about the Sentinel hardware, software and cloud-based software protection keys.

Need advice? The Sentinel software licensing Consulting and Services team is available to assist you with your customized software and IP protection implementation, and can help you determine the best software and IP protection solution for your organization.

Contact us today to speak with one of our software licensing consultants.


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