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Product Brief - Sentinel HASP

Sentinel HASP, formerly Aladdin HASP SRM, is the industrys first and only software licensing and security solution to enable the use of either software-or hardware-based protection keys to enforce sof...

Product Brief - Sentinel HASP SL

Sentinel HASP SL Product Brief -Strong software-based copy protection, IP protection, and secure licensing. Sentinel HASP Overview-SafeNet Sentinel HASP integrated software licensing security solution...

Product Brief - Sentinel HASP HL

Sentinel HASP HL Product Brief The Worlds Most Secure Software Protection Hardware Token Sentinel HASP Overview SafeNets Sentinel HASP integrated software licensing and security solution enables softw...

White Paper - Navigating the Top 6 Challenges of Cloud Service Delivery

Navigating the Top 6 Challenges of Cloud Service Delivery White Paper - For Enterprise organizations, utilization of software as a service (SaaS) applications means easier budgeting, faster deployment...

Following Several Acquisitions, Sage Implements SafeNet Sentinel RMS to Harmonize a Multitude of Disparate Licensing Systems

Replacing seven homegrown licensing systems required the cooperation of every department within Sage. Sentinel RMS was implemented into Sage business software, using a three-tiered approach, ensuring ...

White Paper - Understanding the Challenges Platform Virtualization

Understanding the Challenges of Platform Virtualization Whitepaper 1 Virtualizacin: inquietud vs. oportunidad La virtualizacin, una tecnologa polifactica con muchas aplicaciones, la mayora de ellas co...

SDProget, a Leader in Industrial Electrical Design, Finds the Perfect Balance with SafeNet Sentinel Dual Licensing -- Hardware Protection with Software Flexibility

SDProget wanted to improve the end-user experience while guaranteeing strong protection of their intellectual property. Now, with the flexibility of SafeNet Sentinel HL and SL, the company can safely ...

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